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Jedburgh, Market Cross

 ​    Norrie McLeish

                        Road through Lammermuir

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This site is mainly concerned about books, mostly, though not all, written by myself and concerned with the Scottish Border area.  Some are still available on the Amazon.co.uk website; others are now out of print, but could possibly be reprinted if there is sufficient interest. You will get more detailed information on each book by clicking on the title at the top of this page

My main area of research is the social history of Scotland, particularly the Border area where I have made my home. But it is also the area where  both my maternal and paternal ancestors lived and died in the 19th century.  Much of the nature of the social interaction between our ancestors has not been recorded, but clues arise in unexpected areas; in witness depositions in court cases, details recorded in wills and testaments and also in genealogical studies of families.

L.P.Hartley in the opening lines of his novel, “The Go-Between” wrote, “The past is another country, they do things differently there.”  That is as true of our own personal pasts as it is of places and countries.  I hope my books help us understand this past even if only in a small way.